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Remote Product Data Analyst
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🚀 Want to join a team of A players in an exciting, high-growth, entrepreneurial environment?

We’re a small team solving big problems in the property management industry. Bootstrapped since 2013, we're passionate about helping small businesses simplify growth and streamline operations, providing the leading CRM in our space.

The long version of our story:

Back when web 2.0 was a thing (get off my lawn!) LeadSimple’s founders started a lead generation business connecting landlords with property management companies. Witnessing the challenges lead buyers had closing deals led into a natural segue to build out an industry-specific CRM which became the de-facto industry standard. Fast forward to 2020 when we released a process/workflow suite to move from the sales side of our clients business into the heart of day-to-day operations. The market was hungry and responded aggressively to the new direction, which led us to double down with growth and additional product expansion.


Role Summary

The Product Data Analyst owns the product data that enables our teams to make data-driven decisions, run experiments, and maximize value creation.  They are a force multiplier across the product department, an advocate for customer insights, and a bridge between our teams and our data.  They perform data transformations, set up self-service access, surface insights, create team efficiencies, and manage funnels & behavioral loops for business growth.


Ideal Candidate Has Experience In

  • Mindset
  • Systems Thinking
  • Experimentation
  • Customer-Centered
  • Continuous Improvement

  • Growth
  • Growth Loops
  • PLG Motion
  • Funnels
  • Customer Journey & Magic Moments
  • Attribution
  • Lead Qualification
  • PQL’s

  • Analysis & Experimentation
  • Cohorts
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Churn Prediction
  • Feature Flags
  • A/B Testing

  • Relational Databases
  • Advanced SQL
  • ETL

  • Event-Driven Systems
  • Segment.io
  • Mixpanel / June / Heap

  • Data Visualization
  • Google Data Studio / Looker / Power BI / Tableau
  • Jupyter

  • Software Automation
  • Ruby / Python / R
  • Git & Pull Requests
  • Visual Studio Code

  • Data Warehouse
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google BigQuery / Snowflake / etc.

  • Product Development Process
  • Burn-up / Burn-down Charts
  • Dual Track Development
  • Notion

  • In-App
  • Session Recordings / Full Story
  • Intercom


Expectations for your first 90 days:

  • Gains a deep understanding of our Customers and Product by 30 days
  • Presents recommendations to improve our data stack and starts implementation by 60 days
  • Provides our product teams with better visibility into the customer journey with self-serve access by 90 days
  • Prepares us for a PLG-led motion by 90+ days

A day in the life of…

  • Surface Product Qualified Leads - Identifies customers who are likely ripe for sales opportunities and passes them to sales & marketing teams.
  • Track Squad Progress - Track our squad effectiveness (ie, learning and delivery velocity, defect rates, etc). Track & report out on Release progress (ie, calculate velocity, create burn-up charts).
  • Streamline Workflows - Improve our product workflows for feature development (ie, Notion data model, views, automations, etc.)
  • Measure Customer Value - Identify and measure indicators of customer value (both leading and lagging), identify users and accounts who are achieving success, and those who aren’t yet.
  • Writes data queries to support our teams.  Transforms data into useful shapes.  Writes assertions to test & prove data integrity.


  • Monthly Friday Free Day
  • Company Holidays
  • Paid Time Off (in addition to the above)
  • Monthly Healthcare Allowance
  • Yearly Vacation Allowance
  • Fun and outcome driven work environment with a smart, hard working team
  • Location independence
  • Mission driven company and values-based culture

Please only apply if you:

  • Embrace learning new technology 
  • Learn fast
  • Communicate crisply
  • Proactively seek solutions
  • Own the outcome
  • Embody emotional maturity
  • Bring an optimistic “can do” attitude
  • Supply your own internet and smartphone
  • 4 years experience, SaaS
  • Have B2B SaaS experience (preferred)

We have an amazing team of A Players and we’re ready to add more! Selected candidates might have written assessments and multiple interviews with different people. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the right person in the right seat.

If you think you would thrive in the above environment and make an impact for our customers, we’d love to talk to you!

In summary...

You can do it in an office

You can do it from home

We really don’t care

As long as it’s known 👇

What matters is this…

When the chips are down

And your back is against the wall

Can we count on you to make the right call?

Judgment, intuition, or care by another name

We call it “Owning The Outcome” - because it really is the whole game

Have the customers back, and they will treat you the same

If you can do that

Then we’re birds of the same feather

So come join our team and we’ll make music together.
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