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Remote Senior Product Designer (UI / UX) | AI for WordPress
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WPAI is seeking a talented individual to take charge of the user experience and visual design for CodeWP's existing platform, as well as to spearhead the development of a brand-new product designed to integrate seamlessly within a user's WordPress website.

We're looking for someone who not only has experience in designing or contributing to significant WordPress plugins, devtools SaaS, or similar projects but also possesses the ability to craft exceptional products using Figma. Beyond design, the ideal candidate will engage in user research, develop intuitive interactions for our tools, and eventually lead a team of product designers.

This position is open for both part-time and full-time engagements, with a preference for full time candidates, or those open to transitioning to full-time.

We value demonstrable experience across diverse project types over years of experience (portfolio of previous work required).

Users must have permanent residency and be located in North America, South America, or Europe to be eligible to apply. Unfortunately we are unable to hire from outside these territories at this time.


  • Senior-level product design expertise with a portfolio to prove it.

  • Proficiency in Figma.

  • Exceptional attention to detail.

  • Excellent command of English, including written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills. You’ll be working alongside the founding team to realize a completely new product from the ground up.

  • A solid understanding of development frameworks like Tailwind and technologies such as React. While not being a developer, understanding how designs translate into real products is crucial.

  • The ability to conduct research, analyze data, and interact with users, who are WordPress users and Creators.

  • Proven experience in SaaS/Digital Product design is essential.

  • Experience with leading WordPress plugins and a deep understanding of the WordPress core and ecosystem are highly valued but not mandatory.

About WPAI / CodeWP:

CodeWP, also known as WPAI, is an AI-powered platform that provides various AI tools and solutions for WordPress creators. It offers features such as conversational code and chat modes, AI-trained assistance for WordPress users, and the generation of high-quality code snippets for a range of WordPress tasks, including PHP, JS, and WooCommerce. The startup was founded in November 2022 and has been recognized as a leading AI research and product company in the WordPress industry. It is designed to make the lives of WordPress creators easier by leveraging AI technology.

If you’re looking to work in WordPress, but want to keep up with the fast paced AI industry, and build product that enable creators with this tech, we’re the company for you.


  • Flexible work schedule

  • Options / Equity in fast growing startup

  • World class team building awesome things

  • Work from anywhere, as long as you can overlap

To allow us to best assess your qualifications, please respond to the application questions in your own words. Please do not use ChatGPT - these responses are very apparent. Bullet points are fine if they effectively communicate your background and fit for this role.

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