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Remote Senior Conversion Rate Optimization Director
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Hello There!
We are seeking a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Director with an exceptional UI/UX design background, specialized in e-commerce and Shopify platforms. This pivotal role is not just about deploying pages; it's about crafting them meticulously from the ground up, utilizing design tools such as Figma and then creating it with a landing page builder like GemPages to conceptualize and direct the creation of high-converting Shopify pages. You will be the architect behind our e-commerce success, blending strategic optimization with creative design to dramatically boost our conversion rates.

Salary is included at the bottom.
  • Extensive Shopify experience with a track record of developing successful e-commerce sites.

  • Mastery in UI/UX design principles, with the ability to use tools like Figma or Adobe products

  • Mastery in designing product pages, advertorials, and other landing pages and ability to use Landing page builders like GemPages for implementation to Shopify.

  • Exactly knowing what a converting page should look like, ability to check other high converting stores, trying new things, changing bad converting stores to high converting ones.

  • Ability to understand the product, offer, the target audience to choose relating colors, design style, the overall mood, and keeping this from the first time they land to our store till checkout

  • Ability to create product pages from scratch for given products. While you will have access to a copywriter, the design and publishing of the page on Shopify will be your responsibility.

  • The ability to swiftly diagnose and resolve conversion issues on a website, understanding both the technical and psychological factors at play.

  • At least 3 years of experience in CRO, specifically within e-commerce, demonstrating a proven ability to enhance sales through effective design and optimization strategies. 

  • Expertise in A/B testing is crucial. You must be adept at designing, executing, and analyzing A/B tests to drive conversion improvements.

  • The capability to diagnose conversion inefficiencies swiftly and implement strategic solutions to enhance user experience and conversion rates.

  • A robust portfolio showcasing your success in improving conversion rates through strategic design and optimization efforts in the e-commerce domain.

  • An ongoing commitment to staying ahead of the curve with the latest CRO techniques, e-commerce trends, and design innovations.

  • Mobile Optimization Expertise

  • Ability to lead and direct a design team including a copywriter, clearly communicating vision and requirements for Shopify pages based on your designs.
  • A broad understanding of digital marketing influences on CRO, including SEO, Target Audience, Social Media Marketing and Email marketing strategies.

  • Familiarity with conversion analysis tools beyond the basics, such as Hotjar, Optimizely, or VWO.

  • Conversion-focused Copywriting
What We Offer To You:
A role where your expertise in CRO and design will play a pivotal role in our growth, with ample opportunities for professional development and impact.

Salary Starting from $2k month - and chance to get it to $2.5k month after 6 months, and to $3k after a year.
  • Salary increase after 6 months based on performance
  • No weekend work
  • Paid sick days and holiday
  • Long-term employment opportunity
  • Work in your time zone, even though we are based in the USA
  • 40 hours per week
If you are a seasoned If you are a seasoned CRO professional with a passion for e-commerce and a knack for creating high-converting Shopify sites, we would love to hear from you. This is your chance to join a team where your expertise will drive significant growth and where your contributions are truly valued.
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